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Dan DeMille has worked on comic books, games, magazines, design, chapter art, cartoons, as well as pin-up art.


Dan freehands his art on a digital tablet with SketchBook Pro and colors with Photoshop one layer at a time.

He is a versatile artist, so if you have an idea feel free to contact him and bring it to life.

Dan DeMille was Born in the USA, 1977. His schooling consists of,
​1992-1994 Commercial Art at Sevier Valley Tech
2001-2003 Studied and graduated Art Instruction Schools
2003-2004 Animation and Art History at Dixie College
​2002-2009 Studied with the amazing Ric Estrada


Dan DeMille has always had a passion for art.  He has experienced a lot of things in life to gain the emotion for his artwork.  He has studied art of all sorts, and  learns from anywhere and anyone he can.

Ric Estrada always told him "If you can't learn anything new about a subject, it is time to do something else". He has taken that to heart and is always working on ways to make his art better.  He learns something new with every project.


A short history of Dan DeMille,

Dan has worked in several careers during his adulthood. He became an Auto Mechanic due to the fact that when he was growing up, he wanted to design cars. So he learned how to fix them before he could design them. Dan never got into designing cars, however, he made a living as a mechanic for a lot of years. Dan also worked on several ranches which got him into the Rodeo circuit, riding bulls. There were several years of bump, bruises and broken bones before finally hanging up his spurs. He served in the U.S. Army, 3rd Brigade 2nd infantry Division Ft. Lewis for three years active duty after discharge from active duty he served another five years in the U.S. Army Reserves. After that he became a Deputy Sheriff, served on S.W.A.T. for two years and is currently working on a retirement from law enforcement.

A short biography of Dan DeMille

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